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User Interface

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The user interface layer supports two kinds of views - table view and form view. Table view is used to display tabular data, and supports paging, search (filters), changeable number of records per page and sorting. All these features are implemented as plugins to the miTable class, thus additional features can be added.

A miBreadcrumb helper class is included which can subclassed to use breadcrumb functionality.

The miTemplateParser implements the parsing of the (X)HTML templates. It's very simple to use, very fast, and doesn't need any temporary storage for caching. In templates there is two types of objects - variables and sections. Most commonly variables are with uppercase names and enclosed in %% (i.e %%USERNAME%%).
Sections look like xml tags with mandatory attribute - 'name' - which links them to the section info objects in the php source. (i.e. <mi:section name="UserPayments"></mi:section>)

* Example for a simple template:
<mi:section name="rows">
        <td><a href="/public/products/products.php?CategoryID=%%CATEGORYID%%">%%CATEGORYNAME%%</a></td>