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Overview | MIPHPF - Your Open Source RAD PHP Framework
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MIPHPF is feature-rich framework and has been heavily used internally at Mirchev Ideas Ltd. for several years, during which it has significantly evolved.
There are hundreds of projects using MIPHPF at this very moment. It merrily powers both your personal site and million visitors per day web site.

There have been several strong points when designing the framework:

Easy to learn, easy to use:
* No pointless abstractions
* Facilitate very fast development by offering defaults for most common tasks
* Keep all HTML code into templates
* No logic in templates

Focus on framework, not on utilities:
* MIPHPF asks for specific style that helps build maintainable projects
* Even very large projects are easy to understand
* MIPHPF is a framework - it's not a collection of utility classes
* based on modified for web MVC (model-view-controller) design pattern

More benefits:
* Fully object-orientated
* Designed for SEO

Just copy the framework source to an approprate folder within the project

At this stage upgrade is difficult and may require additional reprogramming in the project.

Project structure:
The framework does not link with concrete structure.